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"How To Train A Wild Elephant" Mindful Activity Week 1 Using my non-dominant hand for ordinary tasks

"How to Train a Wile Elephant & Other Adventures in Mindfulness" is a book by Jan Chozen Bays, MD and I picked up one rainy day at the cabin. My family and I will be using to to follow a new Mindful Activity about each week (we all have our off weeks).

1st Activity

Using our non-dominant hand for a couple ordinary tasks daily. We have been doing everything from eating and brushing our teeth to playing shuffleboard. It has fun and it really does help ground us in the present moment. Additionally, since I am doing it with my family each of us have reminded each other to try things with our non-dominant hand.

What will you try? What did you experience?

I am left handed and took this picture with my right hand.