• Mindful In MN Katie Dodd

Mindfulness Whiskey & Tea

Updated: Jul 23, 2019

Meditations, yoga, old school hip hop, and cable tv.

My body isn't always still but at least 20 minutes a day helps me get my fill of~

Joy, gratitude, focus and motivation.

Mindfulness has enabled me to calm down, pause, and take risks, and feel healthier too

With that being said am not your typical mindfulness guru-

I like to dance, watch sports, adventure, and get wild.

Each made more enjoyable with some deep breathes, awareness and thankfulness.

Anchoring in I bring myself back to the now as often as I can because the present moment is where I aim to be.

To see my kids faces, fell the message, taste the dessert, and really be there with friends and family.

Wonder all around us if we just inhale, exhale and attune~

As JKZ says "Wherever you go there you are" and I aim to notice the stars, lakes, and moon.

With that being said I am always happy to share a mindful strategy or two

so you can experience what being in the present moment with kindness might do for you.

Mindful in MN is now officially incorporated!