• Mindful In MN Katie Dodd

My Top 5 Favorite Mindfulness Apps

These apps are wonderful for a variety of different reasons. Each app has a free option to start with or stay with. If you are looking for ways to up your Mindfulness these might be helpful

1. Calm~ A variety of great options especially for adults. If you are new to mindfulness the free Seven Days of Calm is a great introduction. As a teacher I loved to project the calm images and sounds on my smart board during work time. (Educators can get full access to this app for free.)

2. Stop, Breathe & Think~ I love the kids version of this app (they have an adult app to which is good). This app offers an option to check in before and after your mindfulness practice and suggests a few practices that might benefit you the most. My girls loved that you can earn badges on this app. Most practices are nice and short and approachable for a variety of ages (this app is also free for educators).

3. 10% Happier~ This app is great for people who want science baked options that aren't so fluffy. I just have the free version right now but the paid options look incredible. They have so many Mindful leaders on their app and many options.

4. Insight Timer~ I use this timer often, the app is completely free and shows you how many people are practicing when you are (they have 8.1 million users). It is a great way to connect with other Mindful people. I like it because I often meditate at 5 am and it makes me feel better to know others are also awake.

5. Smiling Mind~ My favorite app for High School and Middle School aged options. This app is based in Australia so the accent is always fun to listen to.